Advantages of industrial parks

industrialThe companies from the industrial sector require a series of conditions to support the activity thereof and the availability of such conditions in the shortest time possible represents the major advantage which ARTEMIS REAL ESTATE offers in the developed industrial parks.

Sânandrei Industrial Park and Swiss Park Giarmata have the Regional Urban Planning approved and clients can purchase or lease lots with utilities already developed, where they can start erecting the buildings they shall personally need, with the help of the developer who provides the support required for obtaining the Construction Permit as well. The client of an industrial park is exempted from all bureaucratic approaches which consume time and financial resources necessary in order to obtain the approval for the development of an industrial activity. Plus, the status of an ”industrial park” also assumes major advantages from the point of view of taxes and fees for the buildings and lands which are reduced significantly according to the Law no. 186/2013, elaborated for the purpose of encouraging the business development.

The Western part of Romania, especially the area around Timisoara, presents an important potential for the companies of automotive field and a lot of companies relocated and built logistic or production facilities in this area. The request of industrial lands shown by multinational companies from this field is far to be satisfied and that is why a sustained effort is needed for stimulating investments in the area. Regardless of dimensions, a company prefers an industrial land with all utilities and approvals, where it can start the activity in the shortest term possible. In case of opting for a conversion of an agricultural land into an industrial land, the company would suffer important losses generated by the entire process involved, but also due to the delays in the immediate starting of the activity on that respective land.

ARTEMIS REAL ESTATE suggests ”turnkey” industrial lots which make available all conditions required for the development of a healthy industrial activity.



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