Business in Sanandrei?

constructionARTEMIS REAL ESTATE has chosen some more places from the Northern part of Timisoara for achieving massive real estate developments. Sanandrei is one of them. The developer’s choice is not accidental at all and it is owed to the geographical position and logistics infrastructure from which a series of strategic advantages derive.

Sanandrei Industrial Park is at only few minutes distance from the logistics infrastructure of Timisoara and fully benefits from this:
- 17 kilometres from Traian Vuia International Airport – on the city ring road
- 13 kilometres to Ortisoara or 16 kilometres to Giarmata – the main exits from the highway which links Timisoara to the Western border. Moreover, in the near future an express road shall be made, which shall be in the proximity of the Industrial Park that links the highway to Calea Aradului.
- 21 kilometres from railway main lines included in Pan-European Corridor IV.

Another aspect worth taken into consideration refers to the fact that Ssnandrei has its own local administration which establishes the level of fees and other taxes, usually considerably lower than those from Timisoara, which shall generate certain savings to the companies established in the industrial park.

To these great benefits, the advantages offered by Timisoara are added, namely the geographical distance of the park from the city being absolutely insignificant:
- the access to the skilled manpower
- advanced infrastructure
- regional centre
- distance of maximum 600 km from most European capitals: Budapest, Belgrade, Vienna, Bratislava, Bucharest

To Sanandrei Industrial Park, the clients can lease or purchase lands in the size desired, that have the Regional Urban Planning approved. The infrastructure is completed, including the water networks, foul and pluvial sewer networks, electricity, gas, access to NR 69 to Km 10+510m and to each lot separately from the park, concrete roads and side-walks. Apart from the sale and lease of land lots, it is also possible for the developer to build production and storage units.



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