Connection to utilities, mandatory for an industrial land (2)

poza20The sewerage networks and the water supply networks are completed by a series of other utility works which offer the land the status of an ”industrial land” and give the beneficiary the right to use it in this regard. The ”adventure” of obtaining the approvals continues with the implementation of solutions for the rest of utilities.

Access. This is a delicate problem, especially if the land is located near the belt route or to the NR and if in the vicinity thereof there are neighbours who already have an access approved. From the legal regulations point of view, the construction of two access ways which are at a distance smaller than one kilometre from one another is not allowed. In case there is already an access approved at a significant distance, the land might remain isolated, since the connection must be made through collector roads, which is not favourable for obtaining the status of industrial land since the beneficiary shall depend on the neighbours’ kindness for reaching to the approved road access. If other accesses are not approved, then the situation is much simpler even though a street front of almost 250 ml is necessary in order to build the acceleration and deceleration strips, as well as the waiting lot, thus the property limits of the neighbours being influenced as well. The costs relevant to the rent paid to the authority which administers the main road must also be taken into consideration for the access.

Electricity. An initial study is made through which the exact parameters for the connection are established. The study cannot be made if there is no construction permit. In order to avoid possible surprises, before commencing the transformation procedures, it is very important to previously check the stage for the connection to the electricity distribution network.

Gas. Before initiating the conversion, it is recommended to check if there are no gas pipes underneath the land. The existence thereof shall affect the location of the construction but it shall facilitate the connection. In case the gas pipe is in the distance, the connection shall reach to costs of almost 100 Euro/linear meter.

Therefore, as one might notice, getting the status of „industrial land” generates some very high additional costs, and this is how the price difference is justified when selling an industrial lot and an agricultural land. The infrastructure in place for supporting a profitable industrial activity has a high construction cost, but the advantages are incontestable. Furthermore, the beneficiary can start his activity as soon as he purchases or leases an industrial lot. In this regard, we invite you to find the advantages offered by ARTEMIS REAL ESTATE through the two projects, Sânandrei Industrial Park and Swis Park Giarmata.



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