Industrial an Rezidential Park

teren7Swiss Park Giarmata is an industrial and residential park, based on a concept that involves a distribution areas activities, thus a whole balanced life is created for the community that is formed around the project near Timisoara. The available land, of more than 100 hectares, was divided so that the main objective of this project be achieved, the balance between professional and personal lives of the community members. The project aims to create interdependence between its two components, namely the industrial component and the social one, fact that is going to generate economic growth and welfare. The project components come one to complete the another, to stimulate the economic activity that maintains social welfare. Basically, the aim at Giarmata is to develop a micro socio-economic ecosystem.

The works for the development and equipment with the necessary utilities for Swiss Park Giarmata are scheduled to commence next spring. During the period left until the start-up of the construction itself, the engineers are working on the final details for the design of utilities networks that should serve two distinct types of consumers, respectively the industrial and domestic ones, from the residential area of the park.

ARTEMIS REAL ESTATE provides the opportunity for the purchase or lease of parcels or the constructions themselves, be it buildings designed for commercial activities or production activities, or residential projects. The company can finance the construction thereof, according to the clients’ needs, and then would offer it for sale or lease to the people interested, together with the related land. There is the possibility of purchase in installments or with the help of financing granted by the banks.



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