The Regional Urban Planning and its importance

constructiiThe approaches of transforming an industrial land into an agricultural land depend on the elaboration of the Regional Urban Planning, a project which has a regulation character and it isalso specific and detailed about the development of an area included within the limits of a place. The project includes all aspects of development, from residential areas, green areas, services, utilities, buildings of public interest, roads, industrial area and so on. Obtaining the Regional Urban Planning is a preceding phase to any approach of investments.

For the investments in the industrial area, the elaboration of the Regional Urban Planning is basically the first and the most important approach to accomplish in order to obtain the permit for the change of the destination class change of the land. The details that must be included have to offer a very detailed perspective over the finality of the investment, but also over the stages went through up to offering the industrial functionality. In the context of beginning an activity of industrial nature, the elaboration of the Regional Urban Planning is a sensitive issue since the local authorities might not offer the approval of the activity described if it has a polluting character. Even if the environment authorities give the approval according to which the level of pollution is within admissible limits, the City Hall might reject the project for all necessary permits. These are the reasons for which it is very important to have a prior discussion with the local authorities before any approach of transformation.

The greatest issue in fulfilling all these transformations imposed by the transformation represents the cost. A fixed budget can not be established so as to include the expenses for the elaboration of the Regional Urban Planning. During any phase of the project a series of situations can occur. Those might generate immediate additional costs, but also the extensions of execution terms.

Moreover, if the agricultural land is one with a soil of a high quality, the requests for the conversion thereof shall be immediately rejected.

Those presented above are the reason why we suggest the companies, which are willing to expend around Timisoara, the alternative of establishing an operations centre within an industrial park with all equipments and facilities specific to supporting an advantageous activity. Discover the two projects developed by ARTEMIS REAL ESTATE, Sânandrei Industrial Park and Swiss Park Giarmata, where you have the option of purchasing the industrial lots, but also the variant of leasing these lots.



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