Three reasons for betting on logistic parks

logisticsWithin the development of industrial parks, the logistic segment distinguishes itself as a special real estate category. This segment, which started as a niche, has already obtained an important status. In Europe, logistic parks represent almost 25% of the industrial real estate sector and begins to assert itself as an independent segment according to the most recent studies made by the greatest real estate consulting companies (CBRE, BNP Paribas Real Estate or Jones Lang LaSalle). These talk about three key directions which redefine the European logistic sector: production relocation in countries from the central and Eastern Europe, transport development and transformation of retailers into global players.

In a logistic park or in a logistic area of a great industrial park, we find international retailers but also third partners who cannot operate large facilities on their own. The industrial and logistic parks are increasingly popular among small investors who are searching surfaces or even plots for sale of small dimensions within a large complex. They analyze if the local market can support them on a medium term. Despite the recession, an industrial park near Timișoara looks pretty tempting. The real estate sector from this area is further developing, either if we talk about plots for sale  or plots for lease or even real estate developments. This is also the case of Sanandrei Industrial Park, an industrial project dedicated to small and medium-sized companies that require industrial infrastructure for development, which offer all modern facilities optimized for the specific needs of the small and medium-sized companies in search of an environment favourable for development.

According to the latest reports, the logistic sector performance has increased in the last years in all Europe, and the predictions show that this increasing trend shall continue, a thing which favours the development of logistic parks and industrial parks. Three aspects shall contribute to the development of this sector: the increase of trade on a global scale, which will train the increase of transports, increase of electronic commerce, which will generate an increase of storage facilities, costs and risks associated to the delocalization to non-developed markets shall encourage the movement of production and storage facilities closer to the markets it serves. In this context, a logistic or industrial park near Timișoara such as Sanandrei Industrial Park is, has all advantages needed.



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