What to consider when purchasing a newly built house

Businessman real state handshake partnersPurchasing a newly built house is for many of us the greatest financial investment of our life. If your dream is to have a new house, here we show you few important aspects that you need to consider before taking such a decision:

Assure yourself that you found a professional developer.
The price is not the single criterion based on which you should take the investment decision of your life. Ask about the developer´s portfolio. Pick a company with a proved experience. The expertise is important and the experience on the Western markets can represent an additional waranty.

Reach for a specialist.
For new constructions, it is important to check everything related to installations. Check the electrical installations, water pipes, heat pipes, sanitary installations. Check the drainage system. A special care must be taken to water leaks which might affect the supporting structure of a house.

Analyze the construction quality.
You must not purchase a new house before checking all stages of the construction and collect information on the materials used. You are entitled to request a performance warranty in the Sale-Purchase Agreement. According to the law, the constructor must guarantee the supporting structure for a minimum period of five years. Hence, it is important to work with experienced developers with solid background.

Periodically check the construction.
A house is made in time, all the more so in the first years. In order not to encounter any problems on the long run, you have to periodically perform a chek-up (once every two years) to the exterior walls, roof and foundation elements which are at sight so as to avoid the appearance of leaks and to protect the supporting structure of the place.

Within Swiss Park Giarmata, beside the industrial segment of the park, ARTEMIS REAL ESTATE is developing a residential
area where there shall be both complexes built according to pre-established house designs and housing areas made according to the owners´ wish. The company can finance the construction of houses according to the clients´ requests, and there is the possibility to purchase in tranches or with the help given by the financing provided by banks.

Artemis Real Estate is the Romanian division of ARTEMIS HOLDING AG group, cu headquarters in Nidwalden/Switzerland, owning over 125 hectares around Timişoara city and develops some more industrial projects.



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