What to take into account when searching for a place

locuintaWe all look for the house of our dreams. And for this matter, the dream of any medium class person is a house with a court, pool and a medium-sized dog. But how can you tell, beyond the financial spect, if it is the right moment or not,in other words if you need a new house? The three questions that you need to ask yourself:

1. Why would we need a new house?
Our decisions are influenced by emotional factors all the more so when we look for a housea for sale. All we do is to find rational
arguments through which we confirm ourselves the decisions already taken. A thing valid even with the most important decisions of our life, such as a real estate investment. Threfore, we must be aware of this and to make efforts in giving the right amount of importance to the factors of rational nature. It is important to properly analyze if our need is real or it is just a wish. If we can really afford it then the problem is solved. But, in case of a transaction which assumes the access of a credit, it is recommended for our saftey to be more analytical,

2. Do we have some savings?
To make an upgrade when it comes to your dwelling place, for instance to think of building starting from the very level of searching the plots for sale, assumes a financial effort. Today you should have almost 15.000 Euro for an extra room (if you already own a property and you want to sell it) and of minimum 30.000 Euro for going from a three-bedroom apartment to a house.

3. Are we willing to access a loan?
Even if you have some savings, accessing a bank loan mst not be excluded, everything depends on the financing cost. Selling a dwelling place can extend on some more months. In case you find a real estate that you want access immediately, such as a plot for sale located in a very good place, you will need an amount of money. You must set properly if you want to access a loan. Although you will sell your current dwelling and could return the load, you still have to take some safety measures since it is possible not to obtain the price you had in mind. In this case, the loan might become a loan for a medium period of time or even longer and it best to be prepared.

If you made up your mind to purchase a new dwelling or land in order to build one, we suggest to you Swiss Park Giarmata, a project developed by a Swiss company, which has all advantages provided by the experience ARTEMIS HOLDING AG, a group that developed similar concepts in Switzerland, Polland and Greece. The company owns over 125 ha in Timiş County and is now developing 6 real estate projects.



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